Cooperative Companies Registration

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Cooperative companies are the kind of companies in which the total or at least 51% of the original capital are presented to the co-operative stocks by members of the cooperatives. The governmental companies or organizations, or those dependent to/covered by government, ministries, banks, municipalities, Islamic councils of Iran, Foundation of the deprived, etc. are able to – to implement the Paragraph 2 of Article Forty-three of Constitution - assist the cooperative companies without being a member of the company through the interest-free loan or any of the other such as participation, partnership, lease or lease-purchase, installments and compromise.

 Cooperatives, according to the type of activities, are divided into two categories:

(a) Manufacturing cooperatives

It is a company that, in order to engage members in agriculture, livestock or animal husbandry, fishery, fishing, industries, mining, civil activities (municipality or rural) and nomads that supply the needs of their productive or consumers occupations in form of a public expedients to reduce costs and prices.

(b) Distributing cooperatives

It refers to a company that deals with the issues of supplying and distributing goods for housing services and the needs of individuals.

Required Documents for Cooperative Formation:

A: Providing the relevant activity license

B: List of the names of at least 7 members and partners with full address and specifications

C: Copy of national card and identity card of all persons (equal to original). For men, copying of the end-of-service card is required.

D: Copy the last degree

E: Signing the Statute and the relevant forms

F: Appointing the managing director and successor of the board of directors as well as the main inspector and successor

G: Bank certification proving the initial capital